20th December

• Derbyshire Reported Possible Juvenile Thayer’s Gull Foremark Resv is now believed to be a Herring Gull SK311229
• Derbyshire Probable 3rd Winter Caspian Gull Foremark Resv in roost this evng + 2+Yellow-legged Gull SK311229
• Derbyshire Adult Great Northern Diver Ogston Resv 15:25 briefly then flew SW/ DE55 6FN SK374604
• Derbyshire Female/Immature Red-breasted Merganser Aston-on-Trent GPs DE72 2SP SK430292
• Derbyshire Lesser Whitethroat Egginton in gardens on Duck Street at 09:30
• Nottinghamshire Juvenile Glaucous Gull off A612 NE/of Hoveringham Village at Hoveringham GPs in roost on Sailing Pitt late a/noon + Juvenile Iceland Gull
• Nottinghamshire Possible 1st Winter Kumlien’s Gull Cotham Landfill Site at 15:30 viewed from cycle track + 1st Winter Iceland Gull & 1st Winter Glaucous Gull
• Nottinghamshire 14 Parrot Crossbill SW/of Budby on Budby Common at Budby South Forest by the puddles by the cattle grids along the track SK622690
• South Yorkshire 7 Two-barred Crossbill 2 males 1.5mls S/of Stocksbridge at Broomhead Resv at 14:00 on S/side by New Road in larches 200yds E/of Mill Lane junction S36 4ZA SK258957
• South Yorkshire 7 Two-barred Crossbill 5 males 1.5mls S/of Stocksbridge at Broomhead Resv at 09:00 on S/side by New Road in larches 200yds E/of Mill Lane junction S36 4ZA SK258957
• South Yorkshire 25 Waxwing 10:15 Sheffield over Millsands towards the university

Thanks to Rod Key for the following:-
FOREMARK RESERVOIR An interesting Gull was found by Martin Roome at about 3.30.p.m. on 18th Dec. It was showing well close in from The Visitor Centre Car Park and then flew out and landed on the sand spit on the Sailing Club side It was watched until dark. Martin Roome, who had good views of this bird thinks that it shows characteristics of a juv. Thayers Gull. It re-appeared again on 19th Dec again on the sand spit at 3.30.p.m. and again was watched by 3 experienced Gull watchers until dusk both on the spit and on the water amongst the throng of Gulls. It certainly is worth looking at and is probably either a juv Thayers Gull at the pale end of the range or an example of a Kumleins (Iceland) Gull at the dark end of that species range. The adult Glaucous Gull last was seen in the roost on 11th Dec but does tend to come in very late so is probably still roosting here. Also still up to 9 Yellow Legged Gulls and at least 1 adult Caspian Gull in this large roost. Up to 24 Goosanders have also been roosting here and a Woodcock flew over at dusk on 16th Dec.
CARSINGTON WATER The Great Northern Diver still present here on 17th Dec.
EGGINGTON VILLAGE A wintering Lesser Whitethroat is coming to a bird table in Duck Street and was still visiting on 20th Dec.
DRAKELOW DWT RESERVE A Great White Egret appeared to roost on 12th Dec and may be the bird currently at Middleton Lakes RSPB Reserve in Warwickshire.
ARNFIELD RESERVOIR A large flock of c250 Bramblings on 18th Dec.
LONG EATON GRAVEL PITS On 10th Dec 30 Great Crested Grebes, 8 Cormorants, 5 Little Egrets, 5 Grey Heron, 39 Mute Swans, 5 adult Whooper Swans, 71 Wigeon, 13 Gadwall, 14 Teal, 3 Shoveler, 27 Pochard, 81 Tufted Duck, 10 Goldeneye, 11 Goosander and c70 Fieldfares. On 17th Dec probably a site record count of 13 Little Egrets and 2 Egyptian Geese 6 Goldeneye and 14 Goosanders. ON 15TH Dec 51 Goosanders.
ST CHADS WATER On 17th Dec7 Goosander
WILNE LANE, GREAT WILNE A Raven on 10th Dec.
CHURCH WILNE RESERVOIR On 10th Dec 1Little Grebe, 34 Great Crested Grebes, 54 Cormorants, 1 Grey Heron, 1 Wigeon with 29 on 17th Dec, 12 Gadwall, 15 Pochard, 140 Tufted Duck, 13 Goldeneye and 228 Coot. Similar numbers on 17th Dec.
ASTON-ON-TRENT GRAVEL PITS On 12th Dec 2 Little Grebes, 13 Great Crested GREBES, 46 Cormorants, Grey Herons, 4 Mute Swans, 10 Grey Lag Goose, 39 Canada Geese included a pale leucistic type bird which was still present on 20th Dec.,27 Wigeon,30 Gadwall, 19 Teal, 141 Mallard, 13 Shoveler, 13 Pochard, 95 Tufted Duck, 15 Goldeneye, 7 Goosander2 Common Buzzard, 1 Water Rail,2 Snipe and c60 Redwing. On 20th Dec similar numbers of Wildfowl etc but a fem/imm Red Breasted Merganser and 2 Shelduck.
AMBASTON GRAVEL PITS On 14th Dec 1 Little Grebe, 4 Cormorants, 1 Grey Heron, 63 Wigeon, 20 Gadwall, 9 Tufted Duck, 1 Common Buzzard, 70 Coot, 13 Snipe.
ASTON-ON-TRENT CRICKET GROUND On 20th Dec c30 Goldfinches and 10 Stick Doves in fields opposite.

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