BBC Summer Of Wildlife Continues

Following on from their excellent Springwatch and other nature programmes, the BBC now brings us The Burrowers.

Natural history expert (love him or hate him) Chris Packham hosts an ambitious three-part series which uncovers how Badgers, Rabbits, Water Voles and Moles live when they go underground by recreating full scale replicas of their habitats.

The programmes features baby stoats in their nest, baby rabbits – including thermal imaging to show how they keep warm, orphaned badger cubs learning to live as a family and the most elusive burrower of them all – the mole.

To be shown on BBC2, The Burrowers starts on Friday the 16th August at 9pm. Please note, these are pre release dates for the series and to be sure of the dates, check your usual TV magazine for dates and timings.

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