It’s that time of the month again and almost spring-like at the reserve (not), so the next organised work party will be on Saturday, 16th March, starting at 9:30am and ending as usual around lunchtime. There will be plenty of time afterwards for those wishing to search for the elusive Shamrock and its associated fauna.

At the last reserve work party we completed all of the planned tasks and a few more besides. However there remains plenty to be done. In anticipation of another wet year we will again be removing silt from the north ditch and associated settling pool, and using it to built up the adjacent bank; we need to dig up isolated bramble runners to prevent further encroachment into the grassland; and we have dead vegetation to remove from the pond sides and the nettle patches to minimise nutrient enrichment of the water and grassland.

All members are welcome and no previous experience is necessary. Please wear warm clothes, stout shoes, boots or wellies, and bring gardening gloves or equivalent. Most tools will be available though it would be helpful to bring a gardening spade, fork or rake if you can.

For further information, contact Peter Faulkner by email (jimmart@btinternet.com) or by telephone (0784 214 8888).

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